Fill ‘Er Up!

The other day I blogged about the world of “Hurry, Hurry.” I talked about life getting sucked away by the hurriedness of our daily lives. Today I am on the opposite track ~ sort of.

This morning saw me racing to get the kids fed, out the door, myself ready and out the door by 8:20. I had to get to Zach’s school, drop off a check for his pictures (I got a little overzealous in my recycling and the form was long gone) and then get myself to the tennis courts by 9:15.

I got the check dropped off and steered the TRVLN ZU to the courts. As I was flying down the Interstate with the windows down and the tunes cranked I looked down at my gas gauge and saw that I was perilously low on fuel ~ Oooof, that’s not what I was looking for when I have a 20 minute drive to the tennis courts!

I did not run out of gas and I won my match so I guess you could say I had luck on my side. Thank goodness for small favors!

On my way home I stopped at Wawa, filled up my trusty Mommy Van and headed home. As I was barreling back down the highway, again with the music blaring and the windows down, I realized how much we, as mamas and daddies, are kind of like our trusty transportation.

I think of us as the Mommy Van barreling down the highway of child rearing and our kids as our passengers. We, as transportation, give and give and give. Our kids, as passengers, take and take and take. They suck the fuel out of us. And every now and again we need a pit stop to fill ‘er up.

Tennis is one of my pit stops but I also feel an overwhelming need for something to fill not only the fitness tank but the spiritual tank as well. So in my desire to keep my tank full I am blessed to be able to work with a fabulous group of women facillitating M.O.M.S. ~ Ministry of Mothers Sharing. It’s a spiritual journey of self-discovery, one I have taken once and facillitated three times. I realized what a better person I am when I am involved with ladies who push me hard to grow, accept, change and make the world a better place. I need to keep not only my fitness tank full but my spiritual tank full as well.

So, today I say “fill ‘er up!”

Oh, for the love of my children….

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