Are You Ready For Some Football?

It’s that time again…high school football season and we are off to the home opener!  While I’m not a die hard football fan, (I’ll take hockey anytime over football) I do love a high school football game.

I love watching the kids.  Their enthusiasm and school spirit is awe inspiring.  They cheer and stomp and are completely engrossed in the game…or at least they are really good at pretending but I don’t think it’s pretense.  They are engrossed in the game and the excitement of the moment.

This time last year we had just welcomed Jan into our family.  (For those of you just joining my blog, Jan is our fabulous exchange student from the Czech Republic.)   In order to give him the full taste of high school in America, he had to experience a good ol’ football game.  So, off we went to the Deep Run High School home opener.  Jan wandered off and found himself sitting next to a cute girl who decided she needed to experience something too…she started rubbing her hand on Jan’s thigh.  Jan just looked at her and she said “Sorry, I just had to do that.”  WOW, what an experience for Jan at a high school football game!

I am sure we won’t have quite as much excitement at this home opener but it will be fun, nonetheless.  So, we’re off and ready for some football.

Oh, for the love of our children….

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