Disappointment and Tears

Today was the deadline.  Claire wanted to turn in a sketch for the cover of student directory. She wanted to compete at a chance for her drawing to be the cover.  Last year she competed and her drawing was one of the runners’ up.  She was so proud to be able to see her drawing on the inside of the student directory.

This year Claire began the same way she did last year.  She came up with an idea of what she wanted to draw so she wouldn’t go into the process blind.  She made copies of the official entry form so she would have extras just in case she screwed up.   And then she started her drawing of an eagle’s wing high fiving the hand of a student at Rivers Edge where the year slogan is “High Five Heroes,” honoring those who make a difference both in the school community and in our community at large.  Her drawing wasn’t coming along quite like she wanted it to so she started drawing on the copy she made…problem is, this year she only made one copy ~ last year she made many copies.

She kept forgetting to go to the office and get a new copy so the deadline passed without her drawing being turned in. 

This afternoon Claire came home with disappointment on her face and tears glistening on her lashes.  She said the votes were taken today and her drawing wasn’t there to be judged.  She knew the fault was hers for not picking up a new copy and that made the sting of disappointment that much harder to swallow.  Disappointment in yourself is sometimes harder to bear because the only blame to be laid is at your own feet.

I kissed her nose, gave her a big hug and said I was sorry her picture didn’t make it onto paper and into the office but she has last year’s drawing to look back on and be proud of.  What else could I say?  Disappointment and tears on a gloomy day.  YUCK!

Oh, for the love of my children…

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