The Bucket List

This really isn’t a bucket list, per se, since I don’t plan on dying anytime soon.  But I have been thinking more and more about things I want to do and experience.  Maybe I should call this a “To Do” list instead but I already have a daily one of those with the heading at the top of my paper that says “Sh*t I Need To Do Today.”

Anyway, since I’ve been thinking about things I think would be cool, fun, outrageous to do I thought I’d share them with you…

1.  A hotair balloon ride…I don’t think I’d actually do it, though.  I think I’m kinda afraid of heights. 

2. Go to Greece. The beaches, the food, the history. Maybe for our 25th wedding anniversary…

3.  Horseback ride on the beach.  In Greece!

4.  Visit Ireland.  My people are calling me.

5.  Learn how to pole dance…just for fun ~ not actually to make any money.  Seriously, who would pay a 40 something year old, mother of three to pole dance? 

6.  Learn how to surf.  I can snow ski and water ski, can it be that much different, can it?

7.  Learn how to speak French fluently. I think it’s a gorgeous language and I would love to speak it perfectly.

8.  Be in a movie.  I can’t act and I hate seeing myself on TV but I think it would be fun to be a part of all of the excitement of making a movie.

9.  Write the books that are swirling and swirling and swirling in my brain…I think I’d be able to concentrate and sleep so much better if all of these characters and plots were out of my head.

10.  Drive a racecar.  Need I say more?

11.  Be a spy for a day.  Move over James Bond…you got nothing on me!

12.  Meet a President of the United States for lunch.  Not the current one or the past one but one I like…guess I’ll have to wait until someone I like is elected. 

13.  Win something big.  I don’t know what but I want to win something BIG!

14.  Get my concealed carry permit.  I don’t think I will, though.  If I go through with it Stan said he will only buy me guns for my birthday, Christmas, Mother’s day, etc…I don’t think I want a Glock on Mother’s Day.

15.  Have a completely and totally organized house ~ nothing out of place and everything fits.

16.  Live the beach life for a summer.  “I got my toes in the water, ass in the sand, not a worry in the world a cold beer in my hand.  Life is good today.”  (Thanks Zac Brown Band!)

17.  Learn how to sail.  I think knowing how to sail seems so totally cool.

18.  Be a motivational speaker for a day.  I would love to inspire people!

19.  Own a convertible.  Top down, music blasting, sun shining, wind blowing through my hair ~ who could ask for anything more?

20.  Learn how to sing on key.  Is that even possible if you’re tone deaf???

I am sure there are more I will come up with but for now that’s it.  It’s just a little list.  None of it’s too wild or crazy but the things I want to learn and do will stretch me just a tiny little bit so I feel a twinge of discomfort.  It’s when we are stretched and a little uncomfortable that we can grow. 

I want my kiddos to understand that just because I’m a “grown up” (I do use that term loosely when it comes to describing myself) doesn’t mean I’m finished growing and learning and reaching for the stars.  I hope they create their own kind of bucket list or “to do” list when, and if, they grow up.

Oh, for the love of my children…

I would love to hear some of your ideas…I need more inspiration!

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