This Too Shall Pass

These wise words swirl around us, sometimes they sound cliche’ but are always pertinent. 

I was reminded of this saying at my Ministry of Mothers Sharing meeting the other night.  Our meetings never cease to amaze and inspire me.  MOMS is a spiritual journey for mothers who need a little reminder here and there of what it is that we give and receive in our families. We work together as women and moms to help affirm each other and help each other grow together to be the best each of us can be.  I love all of the wisdom I glean from my time with each of these women in MOMS.

“This too shall pass” has given me so many thoughts I want to share but I will start here…

I think there are so many times women forget that we, as mothers, are a ministry.  Webster’s dictionary defines the word ministry as “a person or thing through which something is accomplished.”  There could be no greater accomplishment, in my mind, than that of seeing my children loved, nurtured and confident in their place in the world. 

“This too shall pass.”  The raising of children passes too quickly.  I am seeing Zach in a whole new light.  He is growing up faster and faster each day.  Two and a half years is all I have left with him before he goes off to college.  Two and a half years will be gone in the blink of an eye.  It seems like is was just yesterday that I was up to my eyeballs in diapers, high chairs, nap schedules, bottles and sleepless nights.  Those days are long past.  Now, I am looking at curfews, first loves, heart breaks, driving, and children wanting to spread their wings just a little.  I don’t want time to pass.

There are other things in life that I am more than over and ready to move on but raising my kiddos isn’t one of them.  I love being a mom and all of the busy-ness it entails.  I love having carpool schedules to manage.  I love going to games and swim meets on the weekends.  OK, so I don’t love homework but that’s just one small, minor, detail but, really ~ who does enjoy homework and Claire doesn’t count because she thrives on school! Even though I don’t enjoy homework, I do love reading what my kids have written and seeing their grades after all of their hard work.  Because of all of this busy-ness I may walk around with bags under my eyes and less than a peppy step from waking up at 5:45 after going to bed at 11 but I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world. 

I remember when I was pregnant for the last time.  I knew how incredibly fortunate I was and I understood the important role my body played in bringing healthy little ones into the world.  I knew I wouldn’t get pregnant again and I wondered how I would feel knowing that my body would never have such an immensely, important role again.  What I learned in the years since is that every stage in life is just as important as the previous one just different.  My time bringing babies into this world passed and my time is now spent trying to raise them well. 

But this time too shall pass and I will go on to figure out my next role when the time comes…for the love of my children.

3 thoughts on “This Too Shall Pass

  1. You know that this post SO rings true for all of us. I have had a truly hard week. This too shall pass has been my mantra, along with, I CAN do this for one more minute…I don't want my kids to grow, but there are times that we go through difficult challenges, and can't wait for the time to coast a little more smoothly. The problem with that is then I find time rushes by. It is in a crisis that you are forced to stop and rally. I love all your wisdom Miss Jenni. Keep it coming. I am so glad that MOMS has given you inspiration. I think right now it is what is helping keep me focused on the Lord and all His goodness.


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