Call Me Alice

I have lived the past two nights in my own Wonderland. My dreams have been so vivid and weird…no falling down a rabbit hole, cheshire cats or queen of hearts for me, but definitely wild, out there dreams.

I think Lewis Carroll would have a hard time keeping up with the frenetic pace of my dreams the past two nights. I have to wonder what the heck I am eating to cause such wild dreams. Or maybe it’s not food related at all but the pace of my life or even possibly the stress of the moment. I don’t know but I really would like to sort out these crazy dreams…

Last night I had a dream about writing my blog.

The dream was about me going on girls’ weekend with three other moms. We were staying in a swanky hotel that sat on a cliff. I was the first to arrive. I walked up to the front desk to get us checked in. The lobby was gold toned marble with rich wood accents. The effect was one of total relaxation. The lighting was soft and warm, the lights from the crystal chandeliers sparkled onto the highly polished floors. I was greeted warmly and given a key to a room on the fist floor. As I walked down the hall to our four bedroom suite I became nervous at the thought of being on the first floor. I thought I should turn back and request a different room. What if someone knew we were a party of four women and tried to break into our room, I thought? I opened the door to our suite and was greeted by a wide sliding glass door overlooking a steep cliff. I knew then that no intruders would be able to gain access to our room and put all thoughts of switching rooms out of my head.

Since I was the first to arrive I picked my room and settled in. I heard a key in the door. Thinking it was one of the other nameless, faceless girls on my trip I went to investigate. The hotel staff, not knowing I had already checked in, was coming in to make sure our room was fully stocked with bottles of wine ready for us. Three glasses had already been poured and I was handed a glass of wine. I remember being seated in a chair as someone from the hotel began to work on my toes. My pedicure began without my consent and my freshly painted toes were painted over by some amateur pedicurist. Paint was splattered on one foot and the other foot was treated to the nail polish being run completely around each and every one of my toes. My irritation grew as the pedicure got more and more out of hand. I kept waiting for my nameless, faceless girlfriends to arrive but just more and more hotel staff showed up ~ I guess to party in our suite. It was at this point in my dream I started thinking about this being awesome material for my blog. I dreamed that I said “This is awesome. I have so much material I can use because I can’t make this shit up!” Claire came wandering into my dream room and it was then that I woke up groggy and fuzzy wondering what the hell just happened!

Two things strike me as funny in the last part of my dream. Well, actually the entire dream strikes me as funny but two things stand out. One is that I said “shit” in my dream. I don’t remember ever cussing in my sleep. The second thing is that Claire’s presence in my crazy, messed up dream woke me up! I guess even in my dreams I am trying to keep Claire safe from the crazy world of adults. It wasn’t like there was anything truly bad going on in my dream ~ no wild and crazy behavior. I guess I just knew it was girls’ weekend and that was not the kind of place for my ten year old daughter. I am thankful she woke me from my dream. I don’t think I could have handled much more “partying.” I am exhausted from the massive party I had in my sleep. I hope I don’t have too many more nights of wild dreams or at least if I do they are good material for my blog and I keep working, even in my dreams, to keep my kids safe.

Oh, for the love of my children…

4 thoughts on “Call Me Alice

  1. What a dream! I wonder if it's about feeling out of control? Or did it just have something to do with something that happened yesterday? I saw a dream expert on some talk show and they said usually we dream about something that happened or something we were thinking a lot abou that day. I don't know…Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog! It was a really nice one and I'm glad I made you feel like you were walking with me on the greenbelt :-)Are you the Jenni of Jennie/Julie Perfect Mama's Confess? I followed your link to here and am a littel confused! Sorry if *I* am having a blonde moment like your Lucas!Michael Ann


  2. Hi Michael Ann…And yes, I am the Jenni from PMC's ~ you aren't losing your mind and having a “blond” moment!!I think you might be right ~ my dream may be due to feeling not quite in control right now. THANKS! I think I need to explore it a little more deeply but tonight I just want to sleep a deep dreamless sleep!Looking forward to reading more of your posts!Jenni


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