Let me preface this blog by telling you all how much I absolutely adore my little blond boy. I love to tell story after story about Lucas and is “blond” moments not to belittle or be mean but to tell the stories that are Lucas.

Story number 1…

The other day I needed to go in for a re-touch on the hair. (It’s amazing how much I’ve embraced leaving the blond behind and becoming a red-head.) The conversation goes something like this…

Lucas: “Mom, if it’s permanent color why do you have to get it redone?”
Me: “Uhhhh, because my hair grows.”
Lucas: “Yeah, I know.”
Me: “Sooooo, when my hairs grows the new hair doesn’t have any color on it.”

There was a long pause and Lucas says “Ohhhhhhhhhhh! I get it!”

Ah, Lucas!

Story number 2…

Stan and Lucas stopped by Kroger on their way home from a hockey game not too long ago. Lucas was sweaty and smelly after his game so he decided to wait in the car. Stan goes in, gets what he needs and heads out. As soon as he clears the doors of Kroger he hears a car alarm blaring. Stan turns to an employee walking back into the store and says, in a teasing tone “Did you ram your cart into a car and set off the alarm?” She responds “Nope, but there’s some little kid sitting in a truck out there with alarm going off.” UH-OH! Stan heads to his truck and sure enough Lucas is just sitting in the truck ~ car alarm honking and honking and honking. As the story was retold, Lucas gave his side…”I wanted to open the window so I turned the key in the ignition and the alarm just started going off,” he said. He told us all how he tried hitting every button he could find to get the alarm to stop. He said nothing worked. He is cracking himself up, laughing at the thought of the alarm blaring in the Kroger parking lot. At this point Claire and one of Lucas’ friends jump into the conversation. And it goes something like this…

Claire: “Did you hit the unlock button on the door?”
Lucas: “No, I didn’t think of that.”
Friend: “If you would have hit that button the alarm would have stopped.”
Lucas: “REALLY?!?”

Ah, Lucas!
I could write reams and reams about Lucas, his stories and his blond moments. He is quite a character and a crack up! God love that kid as he grows up. I know do ~ love him, that is!

OH, for the love of my children…

4 thoughts on “Lucas…

  1. Aww, you have to love those stories about your children! Lucas sounds like a very happy young man. I'm sure there's not a dull moment in your house, and that's the stuff families are made of!


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