A Little Bit of Writer’s Block and A Whole Lot of Busy Work

This past week I have found myself with a small touch of writer’s block.  I think I can attribute it to all of the busy work I find in my lap right now.

Writing takes creativity, creativity takes time.  Time seems to be something that has slipped through my fingers in the last couple of weeks.  The kids back-to-school stuff, getting adjusted to carpool schedules, school activities, dentist appointments, doctor appointments and then throw in trying to keep in shape; it all seems to have sapped my creative juices.

In order for me to feel creative I need to strike a balance between being busy enough so I have material for my blogs and being slowed down and engaged enough to absorb the material around me.  Life has me feeling like a hamster on a treadmill right now ~ too busy to appreciate the stories swirling around me.

This morning was different.  This morning I packed Zach’s lunch at the same time as Claire’s (Lucas prefers to buy his lunch…he is getting fed lunch, I promise, just not by me), which freed me to be able to sit down and listen when Zach was waking up.  I have resorted to sending Lucas up to the third floor to awaken the beast that is Zach at 7:30 in the morning.  Lucas came down laughing.  He thinks Zach is a riot in the morning.  Zach thinks Lucas is a pain in the ass in the morning, which is why I have resorted to using Lucas to wake Zach ~ maybe if he thinks Lucas is a big enough pain he will start using an alarm clock.  As I was listening to Lucas tell how he woke Zach up, I heard the floor creak and knew Zach was headed to the shower.  I sat and finished reading the paper, waiting for Zach to make an appearance for breakfast.

Stan was reading the paper in one of our big red chairs in great room and I was in the other.  Our kitchen and great room are attached into one open space, easily combining mealtime and chat time.  Zach sat at the bar in the kitchen drinking his smoothie and went over his plans for his evening…hangout with friends afterschool, dinner, a football game and a sleepover.  Stan immediately put the kabash on a sleepover telling Zach he was obviously running himself down because he needed to come home early from school yesterday.  (He had a massive headache and his shoulder was bothering him again so I gave him some meds and sent him to bed, where he promptly fell asleep for an hour and a half…not a normal afternoon for a 15 year old kid.)  Zach whined and fussed, good-naturedly, about not having a sleepover and kept poking a little about wanting to spend the night somewhere outside of the confines of our house.  Stan changed the subject, going on to tell us how sore he was from playing hockey last night.  Stan said “I feel like I just fell of the back of a truck,” to which Zach replied “I feel like I was sent down from heaven!”  Stan’s response was a deadpan “Oh yeah, well you’re still not sleeping over at anyone’s house.”  Zach gave an audible whimper…

I love it when life is busy and I’m on the move but I also love it when I can truly appreciate the little everyday stories that make up our life.  Balance is good.

Oh, for the love of my children…

2 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Writer’s Block and A Whole Lot of Busy Work

  1. I can completely relate to feeling like your creative juices simply are not flowing. I have been busier these past couple of weeks than I have been in a very long time. Add to that the medical issues my son and I are suffering from, and it seems like all I have time for is work, doctor appointments, and bed. It stinks, and my therapist thinks I need to let go of some things in my life. Like what? He suggested graduate school, to which I responded I have already taken a hiatus from that when I was pregnant last. Can't do it again! Anyway, here is to finding things to write about, taking time to drink them in, and enjoying life!


  2. I am glad I'm in such good company! I think I need to find a good therapist to tell me what to get rid of. Good for you for sticking with grad school. Wish I was so motivated. I hope you and your son feel better soon…it so sucks to be under the weather and visiting the doctor constantly.


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