Happy Belated Anniversary…

…to me!

It was one year ago yesterday when I was upstairs, folding my upteenth load of laundry ~ much like my day today.  I was watching the movie “Julie and Julia” and it was then I got inspired by Julie.  In the movie, Julie decided to take Julia Child’s cookbook “Mastering the Art of French Cooking,” cook one recipe a day and blog about it for 365 days.  I took her idea to heart…making it my goal to blog once a day for the year. I named my blog “Oh, for the love of my children…” and rolled forward.

When I named my blog it was more of a tongue in cheek title ~ a play on the saying “Oh, for the love of God!” I thought it would be funny to post the truly irritating parts of being a mom but what this blog has turned into is something far more. I never imagined it would be a place where I could vent my irritations but come out on the other side seeing every story in the light of the love of my children.

It’s been a fantastic year! And while I didn’t reach my goal of 365 blog posts, I gained valuable knowledge…I learned I can do this thing called writing. I learned how much I love writing and I learned how much fun it is to be the mom of these three kiddos. I also learned I have no desire to stop this blog after a year and am making it a goal for 2012 to really get to 365 blog posts ~ yes, I’m already two behind…but I can make up for lost time. I figure as long as I have you all along for the ride, I might as well keep doing what I enjoy so much…loving my children and writing about the zany, crazy, out of this world experiement we call child-rearing.

I only have two and a half more years left with all three of these kiddos of mine at home. It’s milestone after milestone after milestone right now and I might as well write it all down so, maybe, someday these kids can look back on life growing up and know, without a shadow of a doubt, how much they are loved.

Rolling on for the love of my children…

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