On both of my boys’ birthdays I published poems that I wrote for them and made into a little book filled with all sorts of their cutest pictures.  I planned to do the same thing for Claire but totally, one hundred percent forgot!

In my defense we were on a massive tour of the Mid-Atlantic & North East states on her birthday.  We traveled through Virginia, D.C., Maryland, Deleware, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and into Boston on the day we celebrated 11 years with our darling daughter.  What a great birthday present for her…a 10 hour road trip, followed the next day by another five hours of sitting…

Anyway, I totally screwed up and forgot until just now when I was thinking about Christmas presents and the best one I ever got…

The Christmas Present

The day you were born
You created the ultimate storm.

Your birthday, you see, was the 22nd of Decemeber
The date is one we will always remember.

A Christmas baby, so warm and so sweet.
How blessed we were with the perfect treat!

Our Christmas baby was the most wonderful present.
Oh, to behold just a joyous event.

Beneath the tree you slept in a stocking so tiny.
The Angel on top was sparkly and shiny.

The lights of that Christmas were brilliant and bright.
Never could you imagine such a beautiful sight.

Oh how lucky we are to have our Christmas child!
On you, the angels looked down and smiled.

“Now there is a baby whose life is so blessed,” they said,
“Love and laughter may you have in life ahead.”

Our sweet little Christmas present is growing day by day.
Every Christmas we give thanks and pray.

We are so fortunate and lucky
To have you, our Christmas babe, from Kentucky.

This birthday may not have gone down in history as one of her favorites and I did forget to post her poem.  But her birthday is always a truly special time for me ~ my darling, little Claire Bear is, and always will be, my favorite Christmas present.

Oh, for the love of my children…

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