They Couldn’t Be More Different

Ah, what a trip…

Thursday night carpool always cracks me up. It is my evening to transport Claire and three of her friends to dance class. Lucas has to ride along with us because I drop him off at another hockey family’s house so he can catch his own ride to hockey practice. It’s an interesting ride, four chatty dance girls and one stinky hockey player together in one car.

Last night was that night. Lucas and Claire loaded into the car, ready to get to their destinations. We made our stops, picked up the other girls and off we went…

I’ve always known boys and girls are different but last night sealed the deal. Last night, I listened as the four girls whispered and giggled, busting out in raucous laughter probably aimed at Lucas who looked at me in stunned horror as the girls giggles got louder and louder. I looked over at him and said “What do you want me to say, Lucas? They’re girls.” His response was a resounding “BRRRRRRWWWWWAAAAPPPP!” Gee, thanks Blondie for the sweet burp in the face!

So, I’ve got giggling girls in the back and a burping boy in the front. They couldn’t be more different. What am I gonna do but love them…and I do!

Oh, for the love of my children….

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