Last night was an interesting night…

I took five kids on an adventure ~ that’s a different story for a different blog but that story will be told.  The story I’m going to tell is the one in the car, to and from our adventure.

I had two girls and three boys with me last night.  Lucas brought two friends and Claire brought one friend. And it made for and interesting ride…

On the way to our destination Lucas and his cohorts took over the front three seats of the TRVLN ZU and I had the “pleasure” of listening to three goofy, young teenage boys talk.  I usually don’t get involved in conversations unless a situation dictates.  Last night was no different.  The boys carried on with their chatter and I listened.  At one point one of Lucas’ friends broke out a small bottle of hot sauce.  Why and how he had it is a mystery to me but he just happened to have a bottle of hot sauce in his pocket.  Out comes the hot sauce and with it comes the challenge…the throw down on the road to manliness.  Who can eat the most hot sauce?  Lucas was the first one to jump aboard the challenge ~ I think I should be scared!  He downed a small cap-ful of sauce.  All I could think was…”WOW!”  And not a good wow ~ a wow about how crazy he is…anything for a laugh.  I truly am scared of that child as he grows up.  I need to find a way to knock some common sense into him and make him understand the movie “Jackass” is not a good role model. 

And then there’s Claire…she and her friend took over the front two seats on the way home putting the boys in the far back.  I got to listen to Claire and her friend chatter on about everything.  As with the boys I still and listen quietly, jumping in if needed or wanted.  I like being a fly on the wall.  As the girls were chatting, Claire’s friend, Molly, started talking about heading to middle school next year.  She was wondering about homerooms, classes and whether Claire was going to go to their local middle school or chose to go the middle school with the IB (International Baccalaureate) program.  Claire sank down in her seat just a little, let out the biggest sigh and said, ever so quietly “Molly, I don’t want to talk about middle school right now.  I don’t want to think about growing up and leaving elementary school.”  My heart constricted and ached just a little for my girlie who knows how good she has it and can live in moment,  never wishing time away.  WOW!  She’s my little version of Peter Pan ~ with a maturity so far out reaching her age. 

I was on two completely different ends of the spectrum last night with two kiddos of mine.   I wouldn’t have changed a thing about the entire night…not one damn thing.  It showed me what work I have ahead of me and what I am doing alright, right now.

Oh, for the love of my children…

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