One Year Ago

This was supposed to be yesterday’s blog.  But yesterday threw me a little sideways and I needed to vent, and get off my chest, my frustration with myself and my “Mother of the Year” award ~ causing this blog to get pushed to today.  It’s funny, usually, I just go with what strikes me on a given day.  Usually, I don’t have a set agenda for the week but for some odd reason, this week shaped up to be one with set stories for certain days…

Yesterday was the one year “anniversary” since my surgery.  I guess I really shouldn’t call it an anniversary…it’s not something I want to celebrate so maybe I should say yesterday “marked one year since my surgery.”

One year ago yesterday I went in to have my palate widened so all of my teeth could fit comfortably in my mouth and then fit together in my jaw.  One year ago yesterday I came home from the hospital completely drugged and in tremendous pain.

One year ago today, I looked puffy, swollen, miserable and unable to smile…

Last night brought back a flood of memories of the days, weeks and months following my surgery. 

Last night I had to study vocab words with Zach for his English mid-term.  It was around this same time last year when I was drugged, in pain and unable to speak well that I had to help Zach study 150 vocab words.  My mouth couldn’t open past and inch but there I was studying vocab words with Zach.  I felt exactly like I looked…shitty!
Last night, as I was studying with Zach I started laughing, thinking of myself a year ago.  And just thought I would share some of these crazy, funny, horrible pictures of myself at my absolute finest.  It was a strange day, yesterday, and I needed to absorb some humor, thinking of myself in the past year and how far I’ve come…so here’s a pictorial journey of me in the past year…I hope I can make you laugh as much at me as I’ve been laughing at myself…
One year ago today…
Can you say “Ouch…”

Hockey Mom for President!!
I’m so special, I have THREE front  teeth!!
Looking  like a lizard with a BIG OL’ mouth!

I’ve come a LONG way in a year!!!

I still have about eight months to go but I can’t believe how far I’ve come in a year.  I was so miserable studying with Zach a year ago but last night my mood was light and easy as I helped him go through a stack of vocab words.  It didn’t hurt my mood much to have Lucas come in our room making up his own vocab words…keeping Zach and me entertained with his light and sunshiny spirit, even in the face of having to wear a sling for the next three weeks.
I have finally come to a point in this journey where I can say I would make the same decision and go through with my surgery again.  It’s taken a year to get here but I’m finally here and more than happy that I am.  It’s been a long road but one that I can now look back on a crack up at myself and how I looked as I progressed to this point.  Last night was a night of lightness and laughter, so much different than it was one year ago today…thankfully!
Oh, for the love of my children…. 


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