I  just had the most rewarding conversation with a friend of mine about my novel.  She called me yesterday after reading my blog about how scared I am when it comes to my novel.  My friend, Priscilla, wanted to give some advice that was a little different than what others had given me on the glorious social media platform known to all of us as Facebook.  She was a creative writing major in college and wanted me to take hold of the idea that I “need to let go of the worry and let things fall into place.”

I like that idea.  I like it a lot.  Not just for my novel but for life in general.  Worrying gets me no where fast.  I sit and spin my wheels and stew when I should be working  my ass off to get whatever task needs to be done completed.

I’m not saying I’m a worrier…although, I definitely used to be.  But there are times when I try to hard or want too much for something to be perfect when it doesn’t need to be.  Sometimes, as long as t’s are crossed and i’s, things can be just fine without all the added pressure of an unattainable perfection.

I’m really glad Priscilla called.  She gave me some fabulous advice, not just for my novel but for life as well.  And as I was talking to her thoughts of this quote popped in my head “Striving for excellence motivates you; striving for perfection is demoralizing.” (Harriet Braiker).

So I am breaking free from the chains of worry.  And I broke out of my desire for perfection, yet again, and am striving for excellence…for the love of my children.

And this is where I have ended up with my novel so far….

Broken down into the three main characters…with edits to boot!!  THANKS, Priscilla!

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