So, What Do You Do For A Living?

Sometimes I hate that question…today, though, I cracked myself up as I thought about the answer one mom might give about her, ah, “job.”

Today, I was out for my walk in the new section of our neighborhood, the part that’s just been built out with all the new people…the ones I don’t know very well.  And as I was walking a car came by me all decked out with decals proclaiming what it is the driver does for a living.  She pulled into a driveway as I was cruising by and pulled out her two children from her car which told the world she is a “Slumber Party” consultant…it put a whole new spin on the question “What do you do for a living?” ~ let me tell ya’!

For those of you who don’t know what a “Slumber Party” consultant is I’ll fill you in.  Slumber parties are in home parties for, um ~ well, adult toys.  I was just recently was invited, and went to a party, thinking it was a lingerie party.  Naive?  Yep.  But that’s what I thought ~ boy was it a shocker for me when I walked into a room full of both friends and strangers to hear the latest and greatest about…ummmm ~ toys.

As you all have gathered, I am pretty much out there and say whatever pops into my head but I can’t for the life of me ever envision a time when I could, with a straight face, tell people I sell sex toys for a living…I’m blushing just thinking about it.

Anyway, as I was walking away from the mom and her two kiddos who just stepped out of a car with the “Slumber Party” logo on it I got to thinking…how the heck is she gonna answer that question for her kids and what the heck does she say to the moms of kids who have play dates at her house?  How do you answer that question if your line of work is selling things that remain “taboo” in the mainstream?

I have absolutely no idea how this ties into the love of my children, except, for me, I would rather answer that I am only a mom and a blogger with a passion for writing than to have to try and explain what a “Slumber Party” consultant is to my kiddos or their friends or their friends’ parents…

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