The Cream Rises To The Top

I just came back from one of the best night’s I’ve had in a good long while…a girl’s night out where I spent the night away from home ~ a mini girls’ weekend, if you will.  The best part of the night, though, was that  I got to spend time with one of my old high school friends, Laura.  I haven’t seen her since, ummm, maybe high school.  

She is one of my “cool girls” from my blog a couple of weeks ago and she proved it to me again and again last night and into today why she has earned the title of “cool girl” in my book.

Laura invited me to join her and her group of girlfriends at a conference not too far from where I live and I gladly accepted.  After last night I am even more happy that I accepted Laura’s invitation. These women all kick ass and take names.  And I’ll tell you why…

Laura, and her group of girlfriends, are all officers in the Army, that’s part of the reason she/they are cool girl(s) in my book but not the only reason.  These women are the epitome of honey badgers ~ with a few significant differences.  Honey badger…well…he’s out for himself and himself alone.  He doesn’t give a shit what other’s think of him.  He sees what he wants and he takes it.  These women are kind of like that but…

They may not care what most others think of them, but they care very much how they are thought of in the eyes of their girlfriends so they make sure they have each other’s backs.  I sat at lunch with them today and marveled at their level of camaraderie.  There is an easiness about them when they are in each other’s company.  There is no one-up-man-ship, no snarkiness, no bitchiness.  Just a true desire to help each other succeed in a “man’s” army.  They are there for each other to mentor one another, to cheer each other on when things are going well and to pick each other up when the chips are down.  There is no petty jealousy among them and they are comfortable listening to and accepting critiques.  I asked them if their relationship was typical among females in the army or if it was specific to them.  They all said it depends on the woman.  There are the ones to avoid, they said, the ones who bring you down either by being a true honey badger…only looking out only for themselves or because they just don’t have their shit together.  This group of women in the military have each other’s backs and have their shit together so they can succeed in a man’s army.

They are inclusive.  Only Laura knew me last night but I felt welcome instantly and left knowing I now have a few more friends to add to my list.  Not all women can do that…include someone new and have them walk away knowing they have made new friends.  I love groups of women like that.  My first group of ladies here in Richmond is exactly like that.  Instantaneous friends.  Maybe it’s my military upbringing…you have to make friends instantly or you’ll be alone.  Growing up in the army made me realize how important it is to seek out good people immediately and cut through the bullshit to get to heart of the matter ~ friendship.  I couldn’t be happier than I am right now, feeling like I have made several new friends.

These women are the cream of the crop.  They are rising to the top by being there for each other and making sure to keep each other squared away.  They are the cool girls always and honey badgers, in a good way.  They are exactly the kind of friends I want for Claire as she grows up.  I want her to not only be a honey badger and cool girl and all that jazz but I want her to surround herself with women  like my friend, Laura, her group of friends, and my groups of friends as well.  They are cool girls ~ all…they are the cream of the crop and have risen to the top.  It’s the only way to go through life…surrounding yourself with good friends who have your back, keep you on the right path, make sure you know you’re loved and respected and want nothing but success for you.

As Claire grows up I want her to understand more and more how important it is to make sure to accept only the friends who are the cream of the crop.  After last night and today, I can honestly say, I appreciate those friends more and more.  Those kinds of friends are the only kind to have.

Oh, for the love of my children…

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