A few days ago, I wrote a blog called “Telling Stories” where I told you I would like to tell other people’s stories.  I have had an idea brewing in the back of my head for several weeks now and it’s coming time to share it with you.  I have a book stirring around in my brain which I have titled, for now,  “I am a Survivor; Stories of Hope.”  I’d like it to be about all types of survivors…cancer survivors, rape survivors, domestic violence survivors, survivors of alcoholism ~  any and all survivors because, in the end, we can all be survivors, if we choose to be. I would like for all of you to be a part of it…if you have a story of survival I would love to hear it, tell it, make it heard and hope-filled.

But before I feel I can be trusted to tell other’s stories, I will share a part of my story with you.  I have written it and have sat on it for weeks and weeks, writing, polishing and re-working it.  It’s been an extremely hard story to write.  It will be harder to publish and may be even harder to read.  But it’s a story of courage and hope…in the end.  It may take me some time to work up the courage to tell my story so don’t be surprised if it takes a little while to put out there.  I will publish it through Perfect Mamas Confess and I will title it “I am a Survivor.”

I want my children to know that living life to the fullest takes courage…sometimes mountains of it.  But I will be as courageous as I can…for the love of my children.

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