Good Morning!

Those are two of my favorite words on the planet ~ followed closely by “thank you,” “I’m sorry” and “I forgive you.”  Of course “I love you” rates the highest of them all but for this blog, it’s all about “Good Morning.”

I love to say “Good Morning.”  I love to hear “Good Morning.”  It makes me smile and gets my day off to a perfect start.

When our kiddos were babies I would get up earlier than everyone, clear the cobwebs from my head and the sleep from my eyes so I could greet them all with a cheery “good morning.”  I loved to hear them babble in their rooms as they roused themselves from their night of sleep.  Mornings were the times I missed my little ones.  I had been away from them all night.  My batteries were recharged and I couldn’t wait to see them.  It never ceased to put a smile on my face and light up my heart when I walked into their rooms and saw them standing at the side of their cribs smiling at me ~ waiting for my good morning greeting.

I still get up earlier than everyone…on most mornings.  I like the daily routine of a cup of tea with the newspaper and Facebook.  I catch up on the daily events and get connected to the world while still allowing myself time to clear my head so I can greet my kiddos with a cheery “good morning.”

Don’t get me wrong, there are times when I just want to skip the whole good morning thing and stay buried in my bed but motherhood beckons so I answer the call…sometimes grudgingly and sometimes snappishly, but I try hard to will myself out of a black cloud so my kiddos can go on their days with smiles on their faces and light in their hearts.  And then once they leave I can go back to my grumblings if I want or I can will myself to keep the smile on my face.  It’s my choice but staying grumbly doesn’t do me much good.

And yesterday sealed the deal on why I try so hard with good mornings…

Yesterday, I was given the biggest gift for a Monday morning.  All three kiddos came down to breakfast with smiles on their faces, light in their eyes and the cheeriest good morning greetings.  Their greetings reminded me of how much I love to hear the words “Good Morning!”  My day began with a happy heart.  What a way to start a week!

Good mornings are for the love of my children…

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