Taking Time

Today, I took time.

I took time out of my day to help my parents.  My mom’s been sick with the flu.  My dad had an appointment with the eye doctor and an eye dilation was involved.  My mom didn’t want my dad to drive himself and she wasn’t feeling well enough to make the trip out so it was up to me.  It was not exactly how I wanted to spend my day.  I had tennis on my radar and I couldn’t wait to play.  Plus I had already sat through another doctor’s appointment with Claire.  She started wheezing and couldn’t breath at swim practice last night so an early morning trip to the doctor was warranted.  They suspect she has asthma as of this morning’s blow test…meds were ordered and we were sent on out of the doctor’s office and back to school.  The whining little voice at the back of my head said “I had already been to the doctor, it was time to play.”  But the rational, grown up in me knew differently.  I knew they needed my help.

I have to say that, although, I dreaded the thought of another doctor’s office it was nice to sit with my dad and enjoy little snippets of conversation.  I heard stories today I have never heard before.  I had no idea my mom’s mom couldn’t cook…my mom is a great cook.  I had NO idea my mom’s parents didn’t really like each other…who knew?!  They were just little stories, nothing earth shattering but just enough to remind me that my parents won’t be here forever and I need to make sure I take the time to spend with them now.  I am glad I took the time out of my “busy, busy” schedule to spend time with my dad.

I want my kiddos to value time with me as I grow older so I need to model that for them now.  Every now and again I get a little selfish and forget what’s really important…family and taking time for one another.  I’m glad I smacked myself upside the head today and had the grown up in me take over rather than letting the little whiner win.

Taking time for my parents is for the love of my family….

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