What a Drag

Two days ago, I moaned that it was only Wednesday.  When Zach got into the car after lacrosse practice, his sentiments mirrored my own, saying the exact same thing “I can’t believe it’s only Wednesday.”  This week was dragging by.

I know I shouldn’t complain.  Time rushes by so fast most of the time.  I should be reveling in the fact that this week went at its own pace.  I shouldn’t have focused one iota on the fact I was wishing week away so I could have another precious weekend, which will rush by so I don’t know exactly why I was in an all fired hurry to get here.  So, yesterday morning I vowed to enjoy the slowness of the week.  I knew then I wanted to milk every last drop out of the week that seems to be crawling by.  I told myself ~  no more complaining about the week that has seemed to last forever.

Yesterday, I was talking to the guy who was in charge of building our deck a couple of years ago.  We were talking about how much my kiddos have grown in the time since he used to be at our house nearly everyday.  Talk morphed into how fast time flies and how quickly kids grow.  He told me how he and his wife got started a little later with kids so his are still young…six and eight.  And he was telling me how trying it is sometimes, with the rambunctiousness of young kids.  His boys are always on the go, ready and eager for some action.  He told me how painful days can be sometimes and that’s when I said “The days are long but the years are short.”  I wish I could have understood that a little more when my kids were young so I could have embraced the craziness of life with my kiddos a little more than I think I did.

This morning, as Zach was getting ready to leave for his day.  He said “I’m so glad Friday is here.  This week has lasted forever.”  And that is when I told him how happy I was that it did.  Time goes so fast and I was thrilled to have it slow down, even drag out for just a smidge, just for this week.

Oh, for the love of my children…

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