Jan Says I’m Scary…

So today, against my better judgement, we let the three boys (young men) drive to the outlets in Williamsburg to go shopping ~ I know, boys shopping!  CRAZY!!  Anyway…it’s about an hour drive on the Interstate…which makes me quiver in my shoes, the thought of the boys driving on the Interstate alone.  I wasn’t too keen on any of it but Stan said with Jan it charge they would be fine so we let them go. The boys agreed to run Claire here and there before they left and they agreed to be safe.  And off they went.

It was about 3 o’clock when I got the text…the boys lost the car keys.  Holy SHIT…you’ve got to be kidding me!!  I sent a return text…”OMG!”  Stan was much more forceful when I sent him the news via text…I got a “WTF?” back.  The texts kept pinging back and forth between Zach and me.  With me forcing them on and on and on, looking for the keys.  It’s my only set with the remote on it and all of my shopper rewards cards…it would be not only expensive to replace but also a pain in the ass.  So onward they went…going from store to store and retracing every step.  Finally, after about an hour of texting and Stan offering to drive the spare key to Williamsburg, I got the news ~ KEYS FOUND!  Jan had put them in a shoe box in one of the stores.  The boys were so desperate, they searched through all the shoe boxes in the stores they visited and their persistence paid off…crisis averted!

Jan came in the door all shakey and nervous.  He said he was “completely and totally freaking out”.”  He said he was even practicing the speech he was going to give me in his head.  Jan went on to say all he could picture in his mind was me driving to Williamsburg fuming mad.  I told him, no worries I would have sent Stan so I wouldn’t come into Williamsburg and the outlets as a furious mom.  And then I asked him “Am I that scary???”  His answer “Yes, when you get mad you are pretty scary.”  Oh, DEAR!!  I went on to ask if I got mad very often and he said “No.”  Hopefully he meant it and I’m not terribly scary that often!

Today, would have qualified me, I think, to get just a little angry.  But, like I said, I would have sent Stan so the boys wouldn’t have felt my full wrath.  Lesson of the day…don’t take the car keys out of your pocket!!!

Oh, for the love of my children….

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