Family Time

I admit it.  I’m selfish and greedy when it comes to time with my family.  I love, adore actually, spending time with all of us together as a family.  And there are instances when I jealously guard that time.  I love having all of my kiddos together under one roof.  Last night was no different, except that it was just two of them.

Lucas and Claire.

I love watching the two of them interact together.  They are 26 months apart and ever since Claire was one and Lucas was three the two of them got along like gangbusters.  They had their own special way of communicating with each other when they were little and were often mistaken for twins because of their close bond.  Zach was the odd one out, sitting back and watching the interaction between the two with something I can only think of as a little bit of jealously.  That bond is being tested now, as Lucas identifies more with Zach and less with Claire.  So when Zach is gone the close bond reverts between Lucas and Claire.  It was evident last night.  I watched the two of them, with delight, as they prodded each other ~ good-naturedly ~ to little challenges.  Laughter was the name of the game as they tried to see who could lift their heads highest off the ground while they were on their stomachs, arching their backs as much as they could.

They went on to measure themselves against the back drop of the living room carpet to determine who was taller.  But the best piece of the challenges was when Claire and Lucas went head to head in a stretching contest.  Lucas has the flexibility of a two by four.  He strains hard to bend over and touch his knees with his hands all while chanting “Feel the burn, baby! Feel the burn!”  Claire giggled.  Lucas laughed. And me?  I just sat back and enjoyed the show.    
After their challenges were put to rest, Lucas fixed us his own special fried rice.  I think he fixed dinner so he wouldn’t have to clean the kitchen but I’m not about to complain about it ~ dinner was delicious!
The Olympics called us to the television and our family time continued in my bed.  The three of us sat comfortably and companionably in bed with Baby Bella sprawled out with us ~ jumping from person to person and keeping us well entertained (as if the excitement of the Olympics wasn’t enough.)  Bella added an extra layer of value to our little bit of family time.  
Family time is a precious commodity.  One I get far too infrequently, especially now that Zach is driving and off on his own adventures.  I will protect what little time I am allotted with my kiddos fiercely.  So, if you don’t see me, I don’t open the door or answer the phone just know I am relishing my family time.
For the love of my children….  

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