The Big Bang Theory

It’s the name of a very popular TV show and as far as I’m concerned, it’s the perfect characterization of some of the kids in one of Lucas’ classes.

While it’s a wildly inappropriate show sometimes, it’s down right funny and the kids, along with Stan, are addicted.  I’ve seen it a handful of times. Enough times, anyway, to know about Leonard, Sheldon and their kooky ways; enough to know Penny is their neighbor who puts up with their geekiness, nerdiness and all manner of their affectations with a good dose of common sense and a large dollop of social acumen.  So when Lucas came home yesterday with the story of his class, Leonard and Sheldon popped into my head, with Lucas staring as Penny.

Here’s how things played out…

Lucas began with “I don’t think I wanna stay in that class.”
“Why not,” I asked.
“The kids in that class are just weird,” he said.
“Weird how,” I queried.
“Well, they were talking about unicorns and pegacorns fighting one another and how the pegacorn would win.  I have no idea what they are even talking about and their conversations were just weird,” Lucas replied.

He went on to tell me that he just put his head down on the table and groaned at the strange direction of these kids exchange of ideas.   All I could picture in my head was Leonard and Sheldon carrying on the same discussion with Penny looking on, shaking her head, with the audience laughing in the background.

I told Lucas to think of the kids like the characters on the show.  His response was short and concise…”they are exactly like the characters on the show, except the characters on the show are funny…these guys are just weird!”  I told Lucas that if he were looking on from the outside he’d think these guys were hysterical too, but he was in the middle of the whole thing with the conversation flying back and forth over his head.  Case in point, I couldn’t contain my laughter as I thought about Lucas sitting in the middle of a conversation about whether a pegacorn (a combination of unicorn and Pegasus ~ I looked it up…just typed in p-e-g-a-c and images of pegacorns pop up instantly…who knew??) or a unicorn would win a battle.  Most kids thought the pegacorn would win and I told Lucas I had to agree.  A pegacorn, according to wikipedia, is strong enough to defeat sasquatch and could deliver a blow and fly away whereas a unicorn is earth bound.  Lucas groaned loudly as I laughed and laughed and laughed, thinking about Lucas in the middle of an episode of “The Big Bang Theory.”

Strangely enough, seeing him in the role of a “Penny” type character (sans the “love interest” aspect of her character), is kind of an intriguing thought for me.  Lucas being thought of as the one who has the most common sense in a group makes me smile.  I’m thinking he needs to stay put in the class with kids who spin their fantasy tales all around him.  I can see him, in my mind’s eye, as he sighs inwardly and maybe even tries to redirect the conversation to something a bit more mainstream than pegacorns and unicorns.

Oh, for the love of my children….

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