Chocolate Cake

Last night Lucas came home with a giant chocolate cake.  One of the mom’s from Lucas’ hockey team promised him a chocolate cake once he by-passed me in height.  It’s been quite some time since he passed me up and hasn’t let her forget…last night she made good on her promise and she delivered a gorgeous (and did I mention the word giant?) chocolate bundt cake to Lucas after hockey practice.

Lucas was pleased as punch and couldn’t wait to dig in as soon as he walked in the door.  He cut a big slice of cake, poured a tumbler full of mike (adding chocolate syrup because that’s exactly what he needed at 10 o’clock at night is a double dose of chocolate) and sat down to enjoy his cake.  The pleasure was evident as his face broke into a huge grin.  He was one happy kiddo.  Because he was so happy, I won’t even go into the fact that after he enjoyed his cake he left the brand new gallon of milk sitting on the kitchen counter all freaking night.

This morning, Lucas pops his head over the balcony with a cheery “good morning” (it is Friday, for heaven’s sake…there’s every reason to be cheery, right?)  Anyway, I asked Lucas what he wanted for breakfast, going on to tell him that cereal was not an option because we were out of milk….hmmmmm.  He then did what any red-blooded chocolate lover would do.  He asked for chocolate cake for breakfast.

Stan appeared a few minutes later and I filled him in on Lucas’ request.  His response was awesome….he gave his rendition of Bill Cosby’s “Dad is great, brings us that chocolate cake.”

Needless to say, neither one of them got chocolate cake for breakfast.  (But I did, quietly, put a nice sized piece in Lucas’ lunch.)
Oh, for the love of my children….

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