That Last Look Back

When the kids were little and I’d drop them off at preschool I knew I’d always get that one last look back from them as they went off to play, socialize and learn how to be a student ~ the one last hug, as they ran over to give me “one more kiss.”  As they all got a little older I guess I kind of stopped expecting the last little wave goodbye.  I know they are all growing up and refocusing so I learned not to expect it.

But today I got it.  Today as I dropped Claire off I got one last look…the last little wave goodbye as she and her friend walked toward their bus.  My heart sang a happy tune as I pulled away from the curb with the image of Claire turning around to give me that one little last piece of love…her wave.

How many more years will I have the honor of the last look goodbye?  Will it go away and resurface later?  Will it go away altogether?  I hope, even though I know I shouldn’t expect it, that I’ll always get the last little look backwards…always.

For the love of my children…

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