Looking Back and Feeling Blessed

The house is quiet today.  (Far too quiet, but that’s another story for another day.) So today, I decided it would be good to begin spring cleaning and purge rooms of collected junk.  It’s a long overdue task.  It’s one I really enjoy but have just put off for far too long.  Today was the day to begin.

I began in my room, methodically going through closets and drawers.  I made three piles.  Give away, throw away and possible consignments.  I organized photos by moving them to a new home in the guest room.  And then I began going through all of the mementos I had stashed on a table in our sitting room.

And that’s when I found it my little treasure….

In the days leading up to, and including when we got married, I used to keep a small spiral notebook with notes, reminders and keepsakes.  I found it once a long time ago.  When I found it that time I found a little note Stan left for me back in the days when he was in the army.  He was leaving  for a training exercise days before my birthday.  The morning he was due to leave he got up extra early, went to Dillon’s (our local grocery store when we lived in Manhattan, Kansas), picked up a bag of my favorite candy and left it along with this note on our kitchen table ~


Enjoy your sugar coated, frosted, tree shaped sugar filled sugar candy.

Hope your teeth don’t fall out by the time I get back!

I love you,


This note is still in my notebook.  Like it did the day I got it, the next time I found it and this time the the note put the biggest smile on my face.  But the note I found this time as I paged through my book made me pause and give thanks on this important day of thanks and praise.

It’s a rough draft of a Thank You note to my Uncle Ed.  As I’ve told you all before, my uncle was the officiant at our wedding and this note was our thank you to him for the enormous role he played in our wedding.

Dear Uncle Ed,

This picture is just a small token of our appreciate for the large part you played in our wedding.  Your sermon had all the elements that make any relationship special; humor, warmth, sensitivity, understanding all mixed together with a touch of discipline.  The most important part of your sermon, to us, was that you conveyed to us how important humor is in our lives.  You helped us see that all of the little problems in life can be overcome with humor so we can focus on more important things.  Your wise words meant the world to us, and we will always keep them close to our hearts.  Luckily, we captured them on videotape so if we forget them, we can refer back.  You were immortalized not only on tape but in everyone’s hearts and minds as well.  We have had so many people tell us how special it was for us to be able to have you perform our ceremony for us.  We are, indeed, lucky.

Thank you again for your wonderful words of wisdom.  And thank you for being such an inspiration for us.

Love Always,
Jennifer and Stan

My little notebook is a true treasure to me.  I’m so glad I found it today.  Looking back and feeling blessed in my house that is far too quiet.

Oh, for the love of my children…

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