Some Tears and a Whole Lot of Pride

Recently, a family very close to us was approved to be foster parents with the hope of adopting a baby.  Within weeks of their approval a two week old baby was placed in their arms.  Stan, Zach, Lucas, Claire and I were all together when we got the news about the new baby.  Hoots, hollers and congratulations poured forth from everyone’s lips and hearts.  We couldn’t be happier for their family.  At this point, it’s not my place to tell their story so I’ll share my story.

Somewhere along the way the night we heard the news, emotions hit me hard and tears sprang to my eyes.  I couldn’t help but think of my own story and my journey to finding my own family.

Lucas was a little stunned as he asked, “Mom, are you going to cry?”

Yes, Lucas, I am going to cry.

“Why,” he wanted to know.

I gave him a very condensed version of my story.  I know he got the gist.

But here is the whole story of why I cried the day we heard the fabulous news…

“I’m crying because I was a baby just like him.  I was three weeks old when my parents picked me up from the adoption agency.  When I petitioned the courts to open my adoption records this was in the paperwork I was sent, ‘…The name of the child is Baby Girl H. It is a minor under sixteen years of age.  Said child is dependent or neglected in that the said child is dependent upon the public for support, is destitute, is homeless, is abandoned, and also that said child has no proper parental care or guardianship….The said child has no guardian residing in Bexar County, Texas; that the said child has been since November 16, 19.. and is now being maintained wholly by public charity, viz: by the Children’s Services Bureau, a charitable corporation chartered under the laws of Texas and sustained by voluntary contributions from the public; that the said parent abandoned the child and that the cause of the said child being dependent is that the said parent has refused to keep it or to care for it. It is, therefore, ordered that the said child be, and is hereby adjudged a dependent child, and a neglected child; that the parental rights of the parent of said child be and are hereby terminated…’  I was a destitute, homeless, neglected, abandoned child and I’m crying because the new baby found a home just like I did.”

After my story ended, Lucas gave me a giant hug and a kiss on my cheek.  It meant the world to me to have him ask and listen to my story.  My heart melted as I hugged Lucas hard.  I can’t believe how lucky I am.  I went from destitute, homeless, neglected and abandoned to loved in an instant when my parents picked me up from the adoption agency.

Not all babies are so lucky.  So my tears flowed, too, for those babies who remain, destitute, homeless, neglected and abandoned.  There aren’t many people out there who can do what adoptive and foster parents can do.

The news of the new baby prompted me to read a little more of the paperwork surrounding my adoption to remind myself of the selflessness of all involved in my adoption and this is what I read…

“The Combs were considered as adoptive parents of Baby Girl H. for several reasons.  The Combs are a relaxed, friendly couple, secure in their relationship with each other.  They give every appearance of being able to adjust to the situations and deal with problems as they arise.  The Combs only son, Chris, eight years, is an inquisitive youngster.  It is evident he is being stimulated in a creative atmosphere.  Financially the Combs are able to accept responsibility of a second child.  Major Combs is a dentist in the Army…

In terms of coloring and physical features, the Combs and Baby Girl H. are compatible.  Mother of Baby Girl H. is of Irish and Welsh descent….

Baby Girl H. was a full term delivery,  no complications…Baby is lovely and fair, with dark blond hair.  The nurse at Wilford Hall says she has a good appetite, is alert and responsive; however, she also has quite a little temper!”

The last line made me laugh, just a little.  Even at two days old, I had a temper.

In looking back at all of my paperwork I can only hope the baby who just found his own family will be able, if he wants, to glean some knowledge from any paperwork on him.  I couldn’t be happier for the family who just welcomed a new baby boy into their home and their hearts.  And God bless all adoptive and foster families out there.  You all are a Godsend to so many babies all over the world.

I may get choked up and shed some tears when I hear news about a baby finding a family but there’s a whole lot of pride behind my tears.

Oh, for the love of all children….

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