A Daily Slice of Kindness

One day last week Lucas was plodding through his morning routine.  He wasn’t in a hurry, nor did he keep his eye on the clock.  His bus comes at 8:31.  At 8:30 the panic button in his eyes went off and he realized he needed to shake his tail feathers to get to the bus before it left him in a cloud of dust.

He was too late.  As Lucas approached the back of the big yellow bus it moved forward leaving him standing there alone at the bus stop.  I knew I was going to get the call from him.  That motherly sixth sense kicked in and I knew he was going to miss the bus. I knew I was going to have to drive him to school.

None of that happened.  He did miss the bus, but I didn’t get a frantic call from him saying he missed the bus.  What happened instead was my daily slice of kindness…

In place of a panicked phone call from Lucas, I got a text from him and this is the “conversation” that took place.

Lucas: I missed the bus, but Mrs. R was here and she is giving me a ride to school.

Me: She doesn’t have to do drive you!!  I can come and get you!

Lucas: She said it’s fine.  She doesn’t have to be anywhere today and she was at the bus stop so we left right after the bus.

Me:  Tell her I say, “THANK YOU!!!!”  And don’t forget to thank her (a LOT) yourself!!!!

Lucas: She says you would have done the same thing for her children.  And I will thank her a lot

Me: I know I would have, but that is AWESOME of her!

Me:  And I know you will.

Lucas: I know.  I’m almost to school.  I have to go.  Love you, mom

Me:  I love you too!

That little, or not so little if you’re me and still in your pajamas when your kiddo misses the bus, put the hugest smile on my face and made me realize how important those little slices of daily kindnesses add up to one pretty sweet way of life.

When I knew my friend was safely at home after dropping Lucas at school I texted her to thank her and this is what she said.

Mrs. R:  No worries!  I happened to be right there when I saw the poor guy’s panicked face as the bus strolled away.  It was my good deed for the day!  🙂

Me:  LOVE it!  I know he was panicked.  He left the house with that look on his face and I had a feeling I’d be getting a phone call!  You made my day!!

Mrs. R:  I’m glad!  Who knows, maybe he saved my life.  Maybe if I had kept driving I would have had a tree fall on me!  Who knows!  But I told him you would have done the same!  🙂  Besides, it’s a selfish thing.  It feels good to help others.

How right she is.  And now a Daily Slice of Kindness is born.  I’d love to share feel good stories, heartwarming tidbits and little kindnesses we show others.  I’ll troll through news feeds on Facebook and Twitter to find something good.  If you have a story to share, I’d love to post it for all to see and enjoy.  We have enough bad news in the world.  Let’s take just a minute, or so, a day and focus on one little daily slice of kindness…For the love of our children!

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