A Mama’s Boy

The other day Zach and I were driving home from somewhere unimportant after being nowhere of consequence.  I say it like that because where we were and what we were doing paled in comparison to the conversation we had while we were together.

I asked Zach why it seemed like he was growing apart from one of his friends and he said, “Because he’s in trouble all the time at home.  He argues with his parents and his mouth gets him in trouble and he’s always grounded.”


We drove a little a further and I asked Zach what kinds of things his friend said and Zach said, “He just won’t stop arguing with them.  There are times when you and I start to argue over something, and I know I’m right, but I stop talking and walk away.  He doesn’t do that.  He just keeps talking back and then his mouth gets him into trouble.”

A wise young man…

As we got a little closer to home I said, “You know, Zach, Dad walks away from arguments with me too. You are your father’s son.  That’s a good thing.”


We turned onto our street and Zach said, “I may be my father’s son, but I’m also a mama’s boy.”

And I said, “I know, Zach, I know.”

My heart sang with sweetness knowing he is both of those things.

As the car inched closer and closer to home I said, “I hope when you grow up and find your future wife that she will like me.”

A little melty…

Zach said, “I’m not going to marry anyone who doesn’t like you.”  And then he paused.  “No that’s not true, I’ll still marry who I choose.  But I promise I’ll do what I can.  Besides, we don’t have to worry about that.  There isn’t anyone who doesn’t like you,” he said as my heart melted.

Here’s to my sweet mama’s boy, who is his father’s son and knows how to melt my heart.

Oh, for the love of Zach…

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