An Invitation

Dear Darlings,

This morning I was sitting at our kitchen counter with my cup of tea steaming beside me, ready to close up my computer and focus on the newspaper when an email caught my eye. It was from Lucas and the title was Invitation to Edit. My breath caught in my throat as I realized what it was. My sweet blond boy sent me his college essay and invited me in to have a peek. My tea and the newspaper were soon forgotten.

Lucas invited me in. He actually wants me to read what he’s written before it’s polished and pretty. To this day I’ve never seen the personal statement Zach wrote when he was applying to college. He and his English teacher worked together on it. I don’t think he kept it from me intentionally, but he definitely didn’t want me meddling, or maybe he was trying to keep me from thinking about him packing up and leaving our nest. Whatever the reason, it doesn’t change the fact that I’ve never seen what he wrote. Here Lucas is working with a fabulous essay tutor and yet, he still he wants my input. Maybe he never should have asked me, and he may rue the day he invited me in. But I couldn’t me more proud to be here…invited in.

My kitchen became a little cozier, my tea a little steamier and my day a little brighter all because of an invitation. Oh, for the love of my children…


PS. I really wasn’t supposed to read it before it was all shiny and purty…Lucas forgot his tutor’s little nugget of a rule. Ooops!

One thought on “An Invitation

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