The Senior — Take Two

Dear Darlings,

Mornings seem to come earlier and earlier at this point in my life. My brain comes to life, and my eyes pop open somewhere around 4 o’clock every morning. It’s then that thoughts come pouring in, reducing the desire for more sleep to mere wishes. I want to turn off the wheels which keep chugging in my head, but I can’t get them to stop. The thoughts keep coming, unbidden and unwanted…these thoughts of Lucas assuming the role as a senior in high school. Three years ago I wrote a blog called The Senior … my reflections about Zach’s last year in high school. While I wasn’t ready for him to be there, I’m completely, totally under-prepared for Lucas to take this ginormous step into being the oldest class. I’m really not ready for The Senior — Take Two. Mornings are coming too quickly, marching me to that day where I’ll watch Lucas drive to his last first day of high school.

Yesterday made it official. We went and paid his senior fees. Time has flown by. It’s been just a blur, exactly like I thought it would be when I snapped these two pictures of trepidatious Lucas walking into his high school for the first time.

Yesterday … it was a milestone, to be sure. Luckily, I was able to snap one, quick picture of him walking out of the school he has called his own for the past four years. The nervous teen who entered those doors four years ago was gone. There was no trepidation, no hesitation, only a self-assured young man who seems to have outgrown the walls of his high school. 

So maybe he really is ready to assume his role as The Senior.  But I’m not. I’m not ready for Take Two. Because in my mind’s eye, this is how I still see my sweet, blond boy.

Oh, for the love of my children….

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