Observations and musings from the last day of summer

Dear Darlings,

Today is our last official day of summer. I know many of you have been back to school for a couple of weeks, but our kiddos don’t head back until tomorrow. So today, we spent our last summer day relaxing at the pool.

And today I spent some time musing about the fixation I have with summer days and the pool. This is what I found…
Little girls in watermelon swim suits are the cutest. 
Little kids who poop in the pool are not.
Tennis games are like potato chips. Once you start in, you want more and more and more. 
Little kids who giggle and splash around in the pool are so sweet.  Little kids who shrilly shriek and splash you are not. 
Sunshine, warm breezes and blue skies beckon you to the pool, sucking you in to a day of laziness.  
Nothing tastes better than a cold, crisp beer while you’re sitting in a pool chair with cool water lapping at your feet. Nothing tastes worse than a warm, flat beer sitting on the table for too long. 
It should be illegal for ice cream eaten on the pool deck to have calories.
Bees are attracted to both beer and ice cream. 
Diving boards are belly flop magnets.
More and more kids wear swim shirts, keeping out those pesky UVA rays. Smart. Very Smart. 
The gadgets and gizmos out there for parents to keep their new babies cool and shady makes it so easy for them to actually take their little ones to the pool. I have to admit I’m a little jealous. 
Kids are much more subdued in the water on the last day of the pool than on the first. 
Sometimes the water in the pool is just as cold the last day of the season as it was the first day. 
Summer goes by way too quickly. 
Unstructured days are the bomb…for a while. 
I’m pretty sure I say I say this at the end of every summer, but I think this one has been the best ever. I got to spend the entirety of June and July driving Claire to and from work. It’s the last summer I will have to take anyone anywhere. Claire will have her license next year, so my quality car time with her is almost at an end. This summer is truly the end of an era. It seems like just yesterday I was struggling to figure out a way to take a new baby to the pool, and now they’ll all be able to drive themselves, deciding whether or not to come to the pool and participate in the joy of these hot, summer days. So I have to wonder, next year will I be a mere observer? I don’t think I will. I think I’ll still fully participate in my favorite season. And I gotta wonder…what kind of musings will I come up with then? 
Oh, for the love of my children…

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